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Simplicity, nature, traditions

Feel at home

All the interiors of the Runcac Hotel in Badia convey the idea of simplicity, natural appeal, traditions and reveal the Irsaras' utmost care of their guests' comfort and wellbeing. The design is particularly warm and harmonious thanks to the use of solid fir wood, transformed by the skilled hands of local carpenters into bespoke furniture, wood floors and characteristic ceilings with exposed beams. Natural light that generously enters through the large windows of the breakfast room and of the library is another vital element of bright and practical interiors.

The spirit of hospitality and friendliness is perceived in every part of the Hotel, turning it into a real home away from home. Besides, the simple authentic exterior hides new pleasant surprises at every stay. Step by step, all rooms and public areas acquire a fresher and more modern look without ever losing their Alpine charm. Come to experience this wonderful combination of comfort, relaxation and serenity in the Runcac Hotel in Badia.